5th grow soil instead of DWC


It has been awhile since I actually posted anything, but I actually received some great auto flower seeds from ILGM. So decided to finally take a try with autoflower seeds.

I decided to not use a DWC SYSTEM!

It has kept my plants healthier in soil as well as a lot bigger yields. I have added 3 LED lights for complete coverage, and am using 5 gallon buckets to place the plants in. I have used the 1 gallon medium strainer that I was using to put clay pebbles in for my DWC as the “pot” that holds the main plant allowing for the roots to dig through 4 gallons of soil to allow for lots of growth for the plant. I didn’t do this my last grow and my plants were half the size. So doing this allows for lots more growth. I attached some great pics of my plants currently starting to flower. I have 4-6 weeks more to go but def loving what I have seen. Please shoot me back any feedback or questions you all may have!

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My ladies are really starting to bloom now loving it one is standing over 4 ft