55 or 60% or does it matter?

I was looking for the preferred humidity to hand and dry at. Is it 55% or 60% humidity?


@av8ersteve Ideal is 60 deg at 60% rh for 10-14 days if you can.
5% less on the rh isn’t going to do much in the end honestly.
Just keep an eye on them and you should be good either way.


I agree 60% rh is ideal, but close to that is pretty good. Getting too high increases risk of mold and too low will dry your buds out much faster.

Imo is best to monitor the rate at which you’re drying and jar when ready as opposed to predetermined length of time. A longer slow dry is preferred by most, but sometimes conditions will dry out your harvest really fast. If you let get too dry will result in less desirable results.


I do the same… Its never about days just time with the conditions you face…


I purchased a dozen little RH meters and practice burping.

Same here brother!!!