5 weeks in, humidity/pruning for flowering phase?

Hey everyone,

my plant (Gorilla Glue #4 ILGM) is 5 weeks in (pics below), and it seems to be finally reaching the flowering phase/end of veg phase. At this point should I change my humidity? At the moment it’s reading 68% @ 79 degrees. A lot resources tell me to lower my humidity to 50% or lower, but then some forums claim this is bs and that plants during the flowering phase actually thrive during high humidity. Would love to hear some opinions on this.

Also some of the big fan leaves seem to be dying slightly (probably because of me allowing the temperature to reach 89 degrees for 4 of the days last week), should I prune them?

Also any other suggestions are greatly appreciated if there’s anything else I should be concerned about during this new phase!


I’m going to post a VPD Chart. It will give you idea temperatures vs where you want to have your RH at. This promotes healthy transpiration of plant. For alot of growers its difficult to hit the sweet spot but the closer you get the better your plant will be able to uptake nutrients and convert it to sugars that your plants need to grow buds.


thanks I really appreciate this. seems like I’m good for the early flower phase at the moment, but will have to go down to around 55-50% once i hit late flower. i guess i can buy a cheap dehumidifier?

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