5 day old white lines

Can anyone tell me anything about these white lines are down the center of the leaves?


Thats normal nothing to worry about.

Thank you

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All is well.

Thank you all for the support and info. Today or tomorrow i will transplanting these babies into their final pots. When adding earth worm casting how much are you supposed to mix in with soil? Im doing 3 gallon mesh pots.

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You can mix as much as you want of earthworm castings @Ripwater12. When I grew in soil, I made my own and I used about 1/2 gallon to 5 gallons of soil.

They’re really a little to small to transplant yet. Their roots haven’t developed at all with just that one set of leaves. Most people wait till they have a node or two or they see roots at the bottom of the cup.
How long have they been out of the soil?

  • Oh shit - just re-read the title. Yeah - they don’t need transplanting by a week or two.

Ok. I was told once the leaves start to be as wide as the cup to transplant them

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Nothing to worry about. Shes looking good and healthy

I’ve heard that too, but it’s really supposed to be when the roots hit the sides and bottom of the cup. At 5 days there was no point in even putting it into a Solo cup! Other than to risk damage to a fragile little plant during transplant.
But it’s your plant and your choice.
I wouldn’t, but you do you!

Best of luck to you!

They started in the solo cups. I didnt transplant them into the cup…

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I was talking about transplanting them from the cups to rhe pots

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Yeah - I follow what you’re saying. :rofl:

I germinate in a paper towel then got to a clear Solo inside a colored Solo so I can see the root development and protect them from light.
Once I have good roots built in the cups I transplant to either 1g if a photo or final home if it’s an auto.
With photos I like roots to start wrapping the bottom of the cup, with autos I try to get them right before they hit the bottom. Autos are kinda funny so I don’t want to give her an excuse to stall out veg and start flowering at 5" tall! LOL! I’ll slow her down up top with clippers when that time comes! LOL!
At any rate, the purpose of the cup is to build up some root structure before transplant, but everybody has their own thing.
Whatever works for you!!

Wow. Yea i should have put them in a clear solo like you said! I will do that next time! Thanks for that tip. I have 2 looking about the same and ine is dragging behind. The 2 looking the same are wedding cake auto and bubba kush auto. The one looking a little behind is also a bubba kush auto. Was told once leaves get as wide as cup to transplant. Which makes sense because the leaves usually get as wide as the roots


Here they are transferred into their new pots. The one on the right (bubba kush) is looking amazing and the one on the left (wedding cake) had a tad bit of transfer shock but seems to be recovered after 24 hours. I should have waited at least another few days to repot them but seems like all is well.