4x4x6 tent - 6 plants - training method for max yield?

IMPORTANT: I’m moving from where I am in a little over 2 months so I have limited time, which is why I’m trying to plan this out.

I have 3 plants at about 10 inches from the soil, and the other 3 are about 13 inches tall. I’m currently in a 4x4x6 tent w a 600w m/h. I want to veg for a MAX of another 1-2 weeks and then give them the full 2 month flowering time. I like the idea of doing a SCROG but I know these can require a little longer veg times so might not work for this run with the limited time… LST? Just let them grow?

Yes, you may not have the veg time to get the screen to be fully filled out.

You can still use the scrog to help with low stress training and support and still flip to flower when you feel you need to by your schedule even if it isn’t fully filled out, it shouldn’t hurt…