444 ppm run off good bad ugly?

what do I need to do if anything just got this ppm meater today :thinking:

You need to calibrate it so its accurate if they include the calibration pH solutions. Usually 4.0 and 7.0 pH. :+1:

444 is low. By the time you are watering to runoff, your PPM should be ~1,000.


So I presume I should have more nutrients because that’s quite just got to do it Jen on YouTube

Springwater 5.8 going in 6.5 on runoff ppm going in with newts it’s only 5:40 just bumped up the noots 1200

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A couple of points. Appropriate PPM levels is dependent on the plants growth stage. A PPM of 444 is what you want for a 2 - 3 week seedling. If your plant in late veg or early flower that number is 1/3 of what it needs to be. Accordingly, a raw number has no meaning.
With respect to pH, the recommended pH depends if you are hydro or soil.
For ballpark purposes I like this simple PPM chart

If you are in organic super soils or similar, the numbers can get very high and the chart may not be appropriate. Follow what supplier / manufacturer recommends.

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