4 small heaters reviewed

Some info on small area heaters…from Consumers Report

"We Tested four personal heaters that can be placed under a desk or workbench to boost the heat in a confined space, such as your cubicle at work. Though most of the regular heaters in our tests have an output of 1.500 watts, the output of these pint-sized space heaters ranges from 200 to 900 watts, so they cost less to run.

Tops in the batch is the 3-pound Vornado SRTH, $45, with an output of 900 watts. It is good at spot heating, stays cool to the touch, and is relatively quiet. The Bionaire BCH4562E, $40 isn’t quite as good at heating, but it’s super-quiet and has a motion sensor that shuts off the heater if no movement is detected within 2 hours.

We also tested the Honeywell HCE100B, $25, and the Lasko My Heat 100, $20. They don’t perform as well, but with outputs of 250 and 200 watts, respectively, they don’t cost as much to operate–$10 per season compared with $50 for the Vornado."


You should do a humidifier thread too. I’m looking to buy a good little humidifier for my veg tent, and I’m sure there’s others who would benefit from some good @pigsquishy research! :thinking:


Wow. Only $20! Want to buy an extra and send it over?! Haha I was just looking online and the cheapest, smallest one I found was $27. Am I looking for a cool mist humidifier, or a warm mist humidifier?

I agree with you about electricity in the tent with high humidity, especially a heater…my solution, put the heater just outside the tent and use a dedicated vent for it. I capture the heated air in a 6" aluminum tubing

and let it drain into the tent thru the tubing inside and heat like a radiator…any condensation from the humidifier stays on the tubing, never reaching the heater

I had put my humidifier outside the tent thru another hole in the wall, at 5’, and hadda move it lower, the water started to drip off the light fixture. The humidifier is at 2’ high now.
It’s my home made tent, I put holes anywhere, tape fixes things, or more mylar, I bought a roll.

you can look into farming items…egg warmers, coop warmers, warming mats

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For inside I was using small white Honeywell heater fans Cheap worked well. Then one started smelling like it was about to burn up so a little anxious about using it unattended. Cheap radiator style heaters ain’t worth a damn.

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