3rd grow and first time LST

So this is new to me. First time LST with my auto flower that I love. Even after a couple grows, it’s crazy to see what these can do. Just an easy bent over method and gently anchoring the fan leaves

So far at its widest, it’s 18inx18in. The sections of stem that hangs over the pot have yarn securing it to the grid below. It’s been working very well to control the stem and twist it so the all the leaves are in plane

Some people might knock this but I swear with the added Nutes I got this time around, I don’t think this plant would be as big as I thought it would be

So for Nutes, I use the whole roster of Fox Farm and a couple of Advanced Nutrients nutes. Soil is also Fox Farm Ocean Forest. So far with each grow I’ve noticed that around Week5 watering leads to Acidic pH. Straight of the bag it’s ~6.8 but after 2 weeks of added Nutes and flushes, it’ll drop down rapidly. I stopped it after it ~5.7. But with the next watering with nutes, I’ll throw in some Lime in and it goes back to ~6.8 and holds


Wow… i know :poop::poop::poop: about indoor growing but they look great…


What strain is this and how long have they be growing? Look healthy and happy with what your doing

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This is called Fat Bastard. It’s a 50/50 strain from Quebec seeds. This is the 3rd generation of the original seeds and they’re auto flower. It’ll be a year on May since growing these and each plant has been very good

Tonight I released all the downs to the plant because I noticed that very top developing made a nearly 90 degree turn lol

I’ve only really paid attention to the leaves for pests but after looking at the undercarriage as a whole, it’s beautiful . It seems like everything went right with this grow. The trunk and leaves are very healthy and strong. It’s very interesting to see how the plant prioritizes the flower branches growing and reaching the light; compared to the original fan leaf branches that sprouted out when first growing

It interesting to see the bends and twists along the main trunk. Seeing how I compensated the plant by tying it down so it could be flat

I love this method and can’t wait to try with another grow. I just hope this isn’t a fluke

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Another update:

I feel like I can’t count them all but I swear this plant has nearly 50 bud sites. Among each stem has 3-5 bud sites and the pistils seem very large compared to the past. The only thing I have to comment on is the fertilizer Microbe Brew makes things stink. Whatever live organisms and ingredients it has smells after it dries out for the day