3D art Scrogging

I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. Regular flat top scrogging seems so yesterday.

Why not stack multiple nets and create 3D shapes? That would be very cool to see what people can make with their living art. I’m starting off simple with a bathtub shape. I’ll stack two of these identical screens on top of one another so I can bring the edges up with the longer branches and build an inner layer with shorter ones. All of it will theoretically catch the light and keep any from hitting the walls. TBD.

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Ok put the pipe down.LOL


Double scrogging isn’t new but if you could create characters like they do with Boxwoods that’d be awesome lol!! :grin:

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Neat idea, the point of scrog is even light distribution for optimal yield, so you be doing this purely for expression. Unless you can appropriately direct all light. Should be interesting!


I would catch more light by bringing the walls up. I don’t see how having more square feet like this is a bad thing. :man_shrugging:

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No way. That’s how all the best ideas are born. Lmao!

Yes indirect light. If you are after quality bud over an uneven surface you will need equal lighting on all of it. You will have a significant par drop off on the edge where the foliage will start to grow up. Then you will want to raise the lights dropping the par directly under the lights. Which would decrease crop quality throughout. Unless you intend on adding several more lights. This is more an expressive grow than a productive one. I could be misunderstanding or over looking the goal here. Still interesting, and probably fun.


This wooden frame was re-purposed so no expense there, other than zip ties and netting.

The goal is to do something that no one has probably ever done and catch as much light as possible by the plants. The PAR doesn’t matter to me as much when I’ll be having twice the amount of light for the space as needed and catching all of it.

If I have 32 square foot of flat space in a 4x8 area, a lot of the light is actually wasted by not making it to the plant, no matter how much it’s reflected. If the leaves catch all of that, does the PAR matter as much?

If I extend the largest branches to the edges and the second layer, they will catch more light than they would’ve with the sq footage already taken up horizontally.

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It’s a cool idea for sure. The amount of power is one thing, coverage and par is another. I look forward to the experiment and hope you keep it updated.

Par is directly tied to bud production. Not all light is equal light. For me it’s actually quite annoying when I’m trying to pull for perfect coverage from corner to corner. Density and quality drops significantly over a distance. It’s actually pretty annoying.

Still should be fun to do.

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These are the Viparspectra v1200 lights. They’re pretty solid as one of my plants with a pencil trunk and only one true leaf node can attest.

I’m buying two more of them so I’ll have 4 in a 4x8’ sq ft area. Each one is good for a 4’x4’ area so that’s 16’x16’ of power in a 8’x4’ area. The extra two will probably get the walls somewhere. There’s still going to be something like 1,080 watts of actual power on these 10 plants.

I was thinking about making a wall of cannabis, too. Using the same netting.

Those lights (if it’s the model I’m thinking) have a core flowering coverage of 3.5’x3.5’ and are 520 +/- 5 watts that’s at 24” above canopy. So keep that in mind. Adding more would be good. The wall would be cool. Very hard to do with cannabis. My Single plant grows indoor under 300-400 watts have a trunk around 2” thick and yield around a pound each. There is a reason certain methods are stuck to. :call_me_hand:t3: not saying what your talking about can’t be done, it’s just going to be really hard to pull off uniform quality.

Your math is wrong here…if you had 4 tents each 4’x4’, that’s equivalent to one 8’x8’ tent, not a 16’x16’.

4 times 4x4 equals 64 sqft, same as one 8x8. 16x16 equals 256 sqft, which is four 8x8’s.

I see where you are going with this…raising the buds on the outside perimeter to get them closer to the light might help as the par values are lower on the outside of the coverage area. Getting them closer to the light will reduce that drop, hence giving those buds a closer par with the ones in the center, which are farther from the light.

Good luck, let’s see how this goes!

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Your right. If four lights each do 4x4, that’s 8x8. That’s semantics though and not really the important part. There’s plenty of light. That’s what matters.

Agreed! Lots of light, wasn’t disputing that! I’m a numbers guy, just had to correct that part of the post!

I’m also anal over spelling and grammar…man I have a hard time on forums reading some posts! LOL! But I hold my peace with those!

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You should find a way to calculate par/dli or you aren’t gonna know where to stop your plants.

This seems to be what your after?

Good Luck. Should be cool looking on the scale your after. :call_me_hand:t3:

I think it is called the law of diminishing returns
cannabis-flower-weight-chart-expanded - Lumigrow

Maybe bonzai instead


That is pretty cool!!


We will see how diminished my returns are in several months.


Set to watch. Please please keep us updated. Excited to see results.

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