3000K or 4000K Quantum Board

You’re not a pain. I was just trying to remove any doubt.

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@dbrn32 damn so with my new tent that comes today. Which is a 20x36x62. The 135 is still a little small for it huh? I do have 2 x 50 watt full spec LED bulbs on stands. Should I use them to supplement?

Sure. That would help.

Ordered one 135 qb yesterday.if u say his tent it’s to small then it’s to small for 3x3x6.5 right . So I will get another one coming right no problem I like the idea of having two lights for flexibility. Stop

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@Stop put an @dbrn32 if you want him to get notified. In the discription of the light it says max flower of 2x3 but ideal is 2x2. So I will probably be ordering another light next month. I have an issue with reading details sometimes especially when I’ve had a few cold ones. I also tend to impulse buy after a few. But hey now I have 2 tents and also a 600 watt LED that I packed away today that I spent 170$ on. Wish I would have bought the 135 watt QB from the get go cause now I want another

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Two in 3x3 is good

I have a 2x2x4 tent. Best size light? I was going to go with a meizhi , but now I’m really contemplating building a quantum board. I’m so confused. 3000k,3500k,4000k? I just want one light from seed to harvest. Thanks .

@Snufaluffagus I’m guessing the one I started this post with the 135 watt in 3000K if you going to use to flower would be good for your tent. If not a little more powerful. @dbrn32 will know best.


I just responded in other thread.

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I’m glad I found this thread thanks this forum is awesome I wasn’t sure about using 3000k until now.
Just don’t know how far away to keep it

What are you powering board with?