3 week old Dying plant?

24 days old. Was fine up until about 3 days ago I noticed it drooping a lot more than the other plants. I transplanted yesterday along with 3 others and hit it with recharge. All other plants transitioned fine and perked back up within the day. This one keeps looking sad. Then just now I notice a leaf look like it’s been eaten or burnt off. This is the only plant having problems.

Temp has been at a steady 77. Since transplant it’s been 80. RH 50-60%. Every watering with Jacks321 full strength. About 4-6oz of recharge after transplants. 400w hps at 15inches
Thanks in advance!

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During transplant I did notice the stem is very weak right where the stem meets soil. I don’t think I did it while transplanting. I tried to prep it up a little with soil.

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Was it a case of damping off maybe?


I hope not. I’m going to keep an eye on it for a few days and see how things develop

That looks like it was torn off, not eaten. Maybe a case for botanical malpractice.
I’d get a good lawyer FAST. Settle out of court and invest in bitcoin.

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