3 sativas and 1 Indica - Hermies?

I’n getting closer to harvest as I am 7 weeks into flower. This is my first grow and there have been some ”issues” along the way. I did have a lighting problem my 2 week into flower where the lightperiod stayed on to long. I corrected and hoped for the best. My there sativa dominant sen to have come through but my Indica is showing what I think myght be pollensacks? What do you think? These will be the first pictures. The other pictures are of the sativas. Close to havest?
Thanks for your input

Don’t think they are sacks, looks like a white hair coming out of it, can’t remember wat it’s called but is a female part of the dope plant :+1:t4: Others here will know what it’s called

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It’s female. It’s just a swollen calyx. You’ll know if you see balls or not

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When plants first show sex it’s at the base of a stem where it joins the stalk.
Females will show ONE pod—calyx on either side. The thing to look for is TWO FINE WHITE HAIRS coming out of each pod.
Males will show MULTIPLE pods on each side. When they mature, they will be round little dingle berries and hang like grapes…until they explode and spew very fine yellow powder. This pollen will seed every female within 50 meters. If you want seeds…let one seed pod burst.
If not, get rid of that plant…yesterday. KILL…KILL…show no mercy.

Thanks for your reply. Still doesn’t answer my question :smile: Do you think it is a hermie or not? Others seem to think it is not… Close to harvest now and maybe I should let it slide?

Judging by all the white hairs, you still have 2+ weeks left. Maybe more

OK…you want a more direct answer.
1----the first three pics are showing the calyx–seed pod AND two fine white hairs–pistils.
They are females. As I described in my first friendly response to your request for help.
2—the other pics are obviously females as well.

3—the more mature females…last pics are less than halfway tru their growth cycle. Leave them
alone. Let them continue to grow more goodies, and fill out.

4—the younger ladies…in the first pics are just starting to flower. Even longer for them to

Hopefully this further detailed direct explanation is helpful to you?

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Thank you👍 I feel much better now😊
Another couple of weeks then…looking forward to it.

@Swede4weed…since your pretty new to this, don’t be shy about coming back and asking more questions…with pics. BTW…this site has a FREE Grow Book download you can access.

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