3-month-old cannabis Sativa plant has no flowers

I have planted this marijuana for 3 months from seeds.
I plant indoor,

the strain that I planted is native to Asia Indonesia Aceh strain

I want to ask . when it starts to look flowering, and when can I harvest this,

I have started the 12/12 cycle 3 weeks to date. but haven’t seen changes.

Sorry, my English is bad

Thank you in advance

The first three pictures looks like its a male but I’m no expert I’ll try tagging a few in to see what they think
@Budbrother @raustin @dbrn32 @garrigan62 @SmoknGranny can you all chime in and see if any advice can be given thanks


I’m guessing you have a light leak, or a light on in your grow space. Something like a power strip or dehumidifier.


this is the first time I have planted marijuana.

I’m really a beginner

thank you for the comments you gave

I’ve checked that
but there is no light leak at all.

I just realized . I often see tanaman di siklus malam . even if it’s only 1 minute but it is fatal in masa flowering?

I’m not sure I’m following what you’re trying to say?


You’re sure no light can get in through that fan! Or what looks to be cutout in the side of your grow box?

Light leak isn’t going to be fatal, but if they don’t have uninterrupted dark they won’t flower.


maybe the mistake I made was seeing plants in the night cycle. even if it’s only 1 minute.
because the light came in when I opened my growbox

You must let the flowering plant(s) have 12 hours of uninterrupted light. Make sure their grow space is completely dark and do not EVER turn the lights on on shine a light on them while they’re in the 12 hours of darkness.


yup I will do advice from all of you ,

I really thank you for giving me advice,
because only in the forum can I ask about this plant, while in my country I strongly prohibit this plant from reaching the seeds,

Is my plant female or male?

It may be male, but it’s a bit early to tell for sure.

This forum has a wealth of knowledge and information. Welcome. :+1:


I agree, a little early to tell for certain.

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I just realized . I often see tanaman di siklus malam
This is what he said…
the plant at night cycle.


If that is a Nepalese strain like i think from ace seeds you probably won’t see the start of flowers till about the middle of the 4th week after you went to the 12 hr light cycle. Back in in 1999 i had the same thoughts as you growing thi and something similar to Dr grinspoon strains. Good luck


Looks kind of like a male to me. Wait a while longer. Time will tell

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12/12 light (3 weeks) -1 week = week 2 of flower (your plants needs minimum one week to switch from 18/6 to 12/12)

  • check pH and nutriens
    Don’t worry, Sativa Strains need a little bit more time. Every Strain is different.
    Maybe Male…:frowning: im not sure. if you see round sack like this one, you defenly growing with Male Plant

Looks like a crab claw to me. My money is definitely on that plant being male. That doesn’t look like a female at all to me.

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finally, female plant