3 Blue Cheese ladies

This is the ‘real’ Grow Diary, not the other one :roll: so…starting with the 17th and ongoing.

OK, first up, all of what I’m using is in my bio, so suss that out and you’ll get the idea and I’ve been growing since around ’95. I’m a dirt farmer and I’ll be doing a ’3 Blue Cheese Diary’, if you want to follow please join in. I will get a cam together and put up pix, as this grow rolls along.
I grow by the phases of the Moon and started by soaking 3 seeds in water & H202 on the Full Moon of 30th of March for 24hrs and they’re now at about 2 inches in height and 2 weeks and 4 days in age.
I’ll put an update continuation here @ some time on the 18th (UK time) Bom Shiva.

At around 11am the Moon changed from ‘flower’ to ‘leaf’, with the Moon setting at 07:10 and also being in conjunction with Saturn, any time after going from Libra (air) to Scorpio (water), which was at 11am was a good time to water them.
A feed was given with 5ml PM Root Stim in 1 litre of water and 2 litres of plain water, then each one was given 1 litre of water, so they each got a third of the water with Root Stim in and 2 thirds with just water. Lighting is CFL on 24/7 and a small fan for circulation.

You can tell that they’re happy and stress free if you sit with them.

Looking great, will follow this journal

19/04/2014 - Moon set @ 08:40
After Moon set 2 litres of water, each with 5ml Root Stim and the gurls given a 1/2 ltre each - some run off with one, all looking healthy. Change from Leaf (Scorpio & water) to Fruit (Sagittarius & fire) at 15:00, watered while still in leaf phase. :sunglasses:

I’ve always been a strong advocate for keeping a grow diary as it really is the best way to see where you can improve on a grow, so I do this mainly for me. I also keep a handwritten diary as well, that tells me what phase the Moon is in.
20/04/2014 in other words it’s 4:20 :lol:
With Moon set in Sagittarius at 09:40 and it being a ‘fruit’ day, there was nothing added, they’re all well watered so no need. I find that the best way to see what they require, is to use what a lot of Engle-peeps use and that’s the ‘hoik’ method; First you lift (or ‘hoik’) the pot just to see how its weight feels, you’ll soon know what it feels like when wet or dry and if they want more water. All that was done today was to turn them 180 degrees so that the stalk gains strength all the way down and they get light on parts that may not have had any.
Tomorrow the Moon is in the Third Quarter and moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn (also changes from Fruit to Root) at 18:00, Moon set is at 10:50 - Moonset is also Sextile with Saturn at 13:50 - Bom Shiva :smiley:

Nice job. Great to see growers putting forth the effort to make great systems and create an environment for strong yields. I hope you check back in and share more of your journey with the Moon. Peace