2x4 tent suggestions

It is not necessary. The wire ends that connect into the light can be tinned but is not necessary (the red & black power wires in the middle of the light).

@MeEasy is right. All other connections are made with wagos that come with the light.
One thing that is nice with using a kit is the driver can easily be relocated out side of the space.
This is the dimmer knob (potentiometer) connected to the driver using the provided wagos

I have the three drivers outside of the closet. Just need to run a separate ground between the light’s heatsink and the driver.

I did not electrocute myself and they worked.
Any of the recommended lights will do the job. There are many that will fill a 2x4 space.


I agree, 260 xl kit for $270ish is way to go. Couple years ago this was $375 and it was still the way to go. No soldering required. There is a number of assembly videos on YouTube, this is an example


@Tylersays Im looking to get that size tent in the kit that has most everything. Either Mars hydro or SF. Both have the 1000wt lights. How the heck do you put that many lights in that size tent?!? I’m not wrapping my head around that lol. Is there even room left for a plant? Assuming you only grow one plant at a time? Can you post a pic of that? I gotta see that!!

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Look at FAMURS Dimmable TF2000 LED Grow Light with Samsung LM301H

There is a reason why so many suggestions for the HLG 260 XL R TYPE for that size tent. Look at their grows. You can buy lesser lights for lesser money but not better for same or less money. The difference for me was tight,dense, quality buds instead of light airy halfway decent buds. Every time i light a bowl im glad i went with HLG and have never regretted it. Never missed the extra money i spent.


LOL! The lights are up top!
Plenty of room for plants!

I’m still using the SF 2x4 tent, but pretty much everything , except the tent, has been upgraded.
Currently I have a HLG 350r with HLG UVA and FGI Far Red bar on either side. Currently have 3 plants under them.

Here’s a pic of @MadamCalamity s tent with the 4 SF-1000 lights.
She has awesome grows under them!

Here’s a link to her current grow if you’re interested in scrolling through and checking out the results.

My small tent, which was originally bought as a drying tent, ended up getting the SF-2000 and the extra SF-1000 I had originally in the 2x4. I didn’t like the hole so I bought a second SF-1000 for it.

My last complete grow in the 2x4 was a clone run, but generally I run 2 or 3 photos under it.

The Clone Run -

I ran 3 autos in the small tent at the same time…

Apparently I don’t have a overall shot of the three - being so small it’s easiest to pull the plants out for maintenance than poking around inside the tent. LOL!

I should also mention there is an exhaust above each set of lights in each tent. Filter and fan in the 2x4, I don’t run a filter in the samll tent, but the exhaust fan is up there sucking out the heat and bringing in fresh air.
Clones and Autos are both done now. I have 3 new babies in the 2x4 and a single left over clone in the 27"x27".

If I was buying new lights for the small tent - which might happen soon - I’d look at the HLG 200 Diablo - no question in my mind that is what I’d buy now…and might!

Here’s my current journal if you want to check it out -

Happy Growing and BEST OF LUCK!!
Happy to help anytime!!

Have a GREAT DAY everyone!


2x4 tent … 320watt light .
Want to see how this light works so here it goes.
Wish me luck. I will give brand name if it works out good or not. Doing a test with it for now.


@Tylersays so you had a 2000 & 2- 1000 lights in a 2.3x2.3 tent? We’re those SF lights? I’m trying to figure out how it would all fit

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Yup! All Spider Farmer and the fit!
They were side by side but no overlapping or anything.
There’s a couple of pics :arrow_up:

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@Tylersays “New Orleans is a dead swamp” Lol Dats my home you talkin bout! If I’d known you were down, I would’ve come said hi. Hasn’t been much going on in past 2 yrs dt Covid but my fav music spot starts back in 2 wks & I can’t wait! It’s all local music & all my music buddies are immunized, boosted & got Covid at Christmas so I’ll just stay in the middle & should be safe. How many autos have you grown at same time thru harvest in your 2x2? Would I need more light than my 1000wt? Guessing yes. I’m just starting w one. I don’t wanna screw up all my seeds at once :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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“New Orleans is a dead museum” LOL!
It’s a quote from William Burroughs Naked Lunch released in 1959! LOL!
Burroughs was “the old guy” to the Beat Generation poets, but he was an incredible writer and lived an incredible life.
He was also a lifelong junkie.
I wasn’t down that way, though I wish I was. But winter is over now more or less, so I can cope easily for the next 8 months. Then I’ll debate moving south again! I hate the cold! LOL!

I started with 3 autos in the tent, but ended up with 2 more or less. 3 was a bit much for the footprint honestly. Luckily I had another tent that came available so I could move 1 out.
I think with 2 you can get just as much yield and better quality buds.
Even with the ability to train photos harder and longer I wouldn’t do more than 2 of them in that space either.

BTW - It was liquid speed they poured into the liquor bottle before they headed in to New Orleans…LOL!
Sounds about right! :laughing:

Always willing to help man! Just ask!
But of course that’s everyone here!

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Thanks for the lit lesson! Lol.I haven’t decided one or two yet. Would one of the sf1000wt be enough? I could always get another next month. I like the looks of the hlg 200 Diablo light too. I really need to get started bc it’s time to start amending garden beds for veggies & getting the seeds in the ground for that & it’s also time consuming. We are done w cold weather here. When you’re ready to look at moving south, Nola is the most cultural, musical, fun city w the best food! I love playing tour guide!

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1000% correct :+1::green_heart::+1::green_heart:


Happy fat Tuesday as well :+1:


If you’re looking to add a second light you can’t go wrong with that one for sure!
There was a price increase today in fact. They said 10-15% across the board from what I understand.
They have good deals on refurbished lights too.
I’ve got a Scorpion Diablo arriving tomorrow! Can’t wait!!


Very nice and I bet ya can’t!!! Ckin tracking every half hour :rofl::joy::rofl::green_heart::green_heart:


Morning, what’s happenin over in StonedCold13 world this morning

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Coffee, news and my fam here.
Still trying to get my bean wrapped around numbers. Couldn’t sleep well, little sore and head won’t stop thinking no matter how hard I beat it against the wall :upside_down_face: how you feeling buddy??

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