2nd grow first run with autos 😀 here we go!

2 600 rspecs set approximately 35” at approximately 13.2 dli at worst and around 18ish directly under in middle.12 plants, 4, 5 gallon and the last 8 in 3 gallon pots, soil mix, 4x8 tent, gonna run at 18/6 with in-line and exhaust fans both not turned on yet because I just planted seeds late Sunday afternoon. All grand daddy purple autos!! Can’t wait to see these little beauties pop their heads up soon so I tell them I love them all the same!! :grinning:



Good luck with these!


Thanks I need it!! Not sure why I went with autos, I hope I don’t regret it😀

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Looking like these are going to be fun!

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I really really hope so! Learned a lot from here with my first grow😀

Still would like some advice from what I posted😀

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I think you’re doing fine, just read the leaves, to see how much light they want or don’t want, and adjust from there.

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Thanks, I’m not being to crazy, just glad I learned a little about lighting to start me off, first grow I dam near had lights at 100%:joy::rofl: I’m just useing dli chart as a reference, I’ll adjust as needed, I just want nice tight buds this run, so I want to avoid stretching if possible


You want the stretch just not foxtailing :crazy_face:

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I can’t wait for these seeds to pop! This is horrible!! I planted seeds late Sunday afternoon, so hopefully I’ll see one pop up in next day or so? Lol I have deep seeded issues! Literally :joy:

I put some sort of dome over seedlings to keep the humidity high. My go to are plastic zip lock bags with the zip folded so it holds the bag open. I usually pop seeds in 1-2 days.

Your seeds pop up threw the soil in 1-2days?

Yes, on my current run 5 of 6 seeds sprouted within 48 hours.

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@Mjm697 here is a link to a previous grow.

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Baby’s are popping!! 12 planted and looks like 10 are peeking their little eyes at me. Actually looks like 3 haven’t shown their pretty little faces yet?

So waiting on 3! I’m pumped :grinning: