2nd grow, autoflowers,need help with

need suggestions for partial harvest
I currently am growing a purple lemonade and 2 zkittlez from Fastbuds. 2 Critical from Southseeds and 6 white widow from Southseeds.
The phenotypes have gotten some of my strains mixed up but my main concern is that some buds are ready to go while others have weeks (all 11 were started at the same time)
Sidenotes: started on 2-4-22
Preflower was about+/-4 days apart:all plants,
Added Schlux 70W x2 led strip with heavy deep red and IR 30/10 respectively per strip
Entire grow was under 400W Schlux full spectrum 9 strip led 6x6 footprint in a 4x4 area
Using 3in. &6in. Trellis bungee net.
Nutrients are entire line of Humboldt Secret’s products. Used nutes light to moderate.
18/6 light period for the overhead and 24/7 for the
side lighting

!! I topped way too many times!! Live and learn. Please touch on this if you think that it could’ve wreaked havoc amongst the group as my first grow was much more cohesive.

Thank you for your help. In a tragic world of prohibition we’re all going to be subjective to misinformation and I am after facts from actual growers that actually grow.
BTW. This is the most work I have ever wanted to do. The reward is so unexplainable as there is no end to the benefits from learning about this marvelous plant.

Pictures are not necessarily chronological&the first ones are the close up shots of the buds that I think are ready Freddie!


Cut the buds that are ready and let the rest go till you happy buddy


So the ones that have absolutely no room for growth… Cut em?

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Not real sure what you mean no room for growth.
Are you checking the trics with a loop or magnifying glass of some kind to see if they are ready? :v::sunglasses:

Can you tie down the tall ones?. If u have checked the trichs on your ‘done’ ones with loupe or microscope, you can chop those and wait on the rest.

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Yeah like I said I topped them way too many times… Like 25. Yeah so I mean that the bugs are pointing out in every direction, so no more room. I did some inspection and the trichs are milky and perfectly turning amber. No giant colas but a couple of the bigger ones have 100+ buds.
My last grow (1st) was a lot longer than I was expecting and, I ended up with some big colas but used double the watts, fried the trichs and ended up with way too much to do, stressed out doesn’t explain what I felt harvesting 11 plants within 3 days took me almost two weeks to dry and I didn’t wet trim anything so I had a huge deal of work that became miserable and the end product was just okay,
In retrospect
This grow, I am in love with the buds and I am taking them off and wet trimming just the bulk of the leaves and I am pacing myself pretty well. So thank you everyone for your help and your kindness.
I’m going to max these puppies out… The interior is packed with Bright green flower and probably can go another week when said and done.
And yes I am using a 40x loupe with LED and black light.


You can see the last photo where I clipped 50 or so nugs and it’s still so dense.
The buds that are in my hand are critical, purple lemonade, White Widow, and zkittlez… Respectively


Absolutely… I’ve never thought of this approach until they were at day no. 73 from seed and I knew that I was going to have issues

Good job! Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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What great colors you have @CapnCannabis

I have the same Szhlux led light love it my 3 girls are in flower been 1 week into it. DLI IS 38.9 TO42.4 RH 40%65%