2in1 tent for veg/drying

I came across this grow tent (attachment)
I was curious if I would be able to veg on one side and dry on the other at the same time it has a wall that separates the 2 sides and it would save me space because I’m limited.

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Yes you can do that.


Ha. I was just looking at those yesterday. It’ll work great for veg-dry.


I have the 4x5 version of this tent. I plan on using it for mothers and clones but flowering and drying should be fine.

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Some times you just gotta be affirmed . Y wouldn’t you be able to?

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Dumb question, but you can keep a mother in one of those smaller sections?

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You can keep a nother in my ur back pocket able ng as she has everything she needs brotha that’s the moral of indoor growing you can do it anywhere . Just would have to keep toping and taking cuts from her and was I don’t see why u couldn’t if you keep her short

I hope so. That’s what my plan is but I’ve not tried it yet