28 hour photoperiod

Im also excited to try and find out the potency of these GSC’s because there are parts of this bud that i was afraid it had webs in it. I thought, “oh God no! Im getting spider mites”. But it was just parts of the bud that were so heavy with trichomes that it looked like webs. Its not over all the buds though, but i sure wish it was.

As you might know, it isnt easy to hold the bud, hold the microscope, hold the camera, focus the microscope and take a picture at the same time. I tried my best. Here are some pics.

With one of them you can see the stalks are amber. Thr heads are sometimes just too reflective.


It caused me to accidentally squeeze the bud a little. Not gonna lie, it felt really satisfying. It was like squeezing a cool (temp) stretch armstrong with old soda spilled on it. Or like a day old piece of chewed gum. Firm and sticky.


@Labweed i have difficulties too. It is a balancing act for sure. Thank you for the pictures. I do see the amber.
I noticed on one of my plants that the buds are growing new white pistils and they’re im the 9th week of flower. Its taking its time rippening, thats for sure.

Well upon closer inspection, the bud i looked at that freaked me out seems to be a bit of an outlier. That bud is almost completely amber. But the others dont have nearly as much amber, and every day i look at these, they are getting more and more glittery. I was going to take this down today, but i just cant. I think it can do better. I will have to separate that one bud for bedtime weed.

This is the contrarian coming out again. I see over and over again where people refer to foxtails that i dont believe are foxtails. There is a tight clump of leaves that form at the top. Every one of those leaves are going to have a bud growing out of it. Just because that bud grows enough to look out of formation, does not make it a foxtail. Its just a bud that is growing enough to make it look non-conical. This is a good thing in my belief. All i know is that as long as these buds keep looking whiter and whiter, it seems stupid to stop it.

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Dont rush it. Its hard i know. But those white pistils are going to turn into swollen calyxes. Im assuming you are growing indicas? This method that im doing, changes all the rules. There is nobody that can give me any real advise, because they’ve never done it. But i would say, push those mother fuckers as far as you can push them. I almost think that it would be highly educational to over-ripen a batch just so you can figure out when to back off for the next one. They might double in size, and you would never have known unless you take the risk.

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Good point… i just cranked my lights up to 100%. I dont want to harvest too soon because i want the full potential this grow has to offer. After seeing new white pistils forming on the tops of the buds on one plant, i know it still has time to go yet. I stopped running nutrients into them a week ago. Maybe i should feed them one more time? I’ve just been watering with molasses the past 10 days…?

How green are your leaves if you have any?

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I have another contrarian point. Drying is just a step of the curing process. Could you go straight to cure? The way drying seems to work is that you dry with some breeze that dries out the stems and the outside of your bud. This may take the outside of your bud below the proper threshhold for being too dry. I mean usually the outside is kind of crunchy. Then you put it into a jar where it sweats out the moisture that is deeper within the bud, which rehydrates the outer part of the bud. But most people know that rehydrating bud doesnt really work. Could there be a way of going directly to jars, so that no part of the bud experiences any over-drying? Im way outside of my experiment, but i just hate conventional ways of thinking. Once upon a time, people thought that leaving bread out, turned the bread itself into flies. Nobody really questioned it. It became conventional wisdom. Someone came along and said that a fly is laying eggs in the bread, and then it becomes flies. Now we look back and think how crazy it seemed to think bread just magically turns into flies. So i have one over-ripe bud. I think im going to cut it off, and put it in a jar. Curious to see what happens.

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Dark green and deep purple on one and gold and magenta on another and just light green and yellow on the one that still has alot of white pistils with new ones emerging from the tops.

Interesting…keep me posted. Your right, you cannot really rehydrate pot. If you do it seems to lose its potency and will taste bad. I tried this before with dried out rolling tobacco (Bugler) and it would never return back to the same as when fresh out of the bag. I wonder if it is the same when drying out buds and then rehydrating them in a jar…

Well your leaves may have given up the ghost as far as being able to supply your buds with what they might need. I dont know man. Its up to you. I dont smoke weed, so i can destroy this whole crop and it would mean nothing to me. Im just in search of new possibilities. Maybe you might want to stay the course. Especially if this is your medicine. Do what you think is right, but it sounds they are beautiful. Any pics?

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I know i sound sort of jekyl and hydeish since i said push and then maybe not push. I forget that not everyone is like me where i dont care about the crop as much as i care about my experiment. Finish your trichomes to your liking. Im intentionally trying to make mistakes, because i learn so much more from my failures than my successes. So maybe dont listen to me. My dream is to come up with a system that can change the industry. But i may come up with a system of what NOT to do. But if i produce 3 pounds in a tent that is 80% full with an LED that has only been at 60% intensity, and buds that pushed their potency limit by 10%, i think there might be a lot of growers that will follow. Maybe it will be called the “labweed method”. Pie in the sky probably.

I’ve been told that flushing 2 weeks before harvest doesn’t improve flavor or reduce it if you feed it. It’s probably just a waste of nutrients feeding this late. I’m just giong to let them ride it out. They’re so close to finishing i think…

Probably a wise decision.

I swear. Some of these flowers look like they have feezer burn.

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Yeah, looking frosty… still alot of white pistils. Let me get some updated pics of mine. Hold on… i keep forgetting too. Ive been asked a few times.

Okay, i just took these.

What a time to lose phone service. Those are some pretty colors. I get almost no temperature changes, so i get just green or yellow.

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I see what you mean about getting some white pistils on yours too. Im qondering if they ever completely stop growing new pistils.