240w Diy grow light

Does anyone have a parts list for 240w light build??.. like the kingbrite brand from Alibaba??

Bridgelux is a good source for DIY LEDs.

@Stosh67 2x HLG QB 288 RSpec boards (or any equivalent)
1x heatsink large enough to fit 2 panels.
1x Meanwell driver - I’d recommend

  • HLG-240H-54 with 2 or more boards for 240 Watts
  • HLG-320H-54 with 2 or more boards for 320 Watts
    Or any similar driver.

Electrical cord (I got 9’ cords for power tool cable replacements)
Lots of solid-core copper wire. I believe 14 or 16 gauge both work - I used 12g but don’t necessarily follow my example. Get red and black cases wiring.
Wago connectors or other similar style splicing connectors.
A potentiometer if you want to make it dimmable with a knob (this involves some soldering and I absolutely skipped it)
Junction boxes like so: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HVGFXQM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_GXYZZDDCDJKRMZH9NK6K?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I’m probably forgetting something but I’m not sure what.

I believe you need MW drivers with B code at the end to use a potentiometer.

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If you go straight to the website they have kits like that without drivers or you can build your own. I have a hlg 260w xl v2 rspect with promo came under 300 you build it ya self. They have other options except just the drive by itself

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Thanks for the update… here’s my thing… over at Alibaba… I can get a 240w with the lm301h and meanwell driver delivered for$152

Kingbrite brand or Meijiu… some offer a 3000k with 5000k…if you get a light like that… can you separate those colors from one another…to use 5000k for veg and 3000k for flower

No separating of the lights unless it has the switches to turn on and off the colors or uv lights. Most lights come with a dimmer or on and off switch. A few come with multiple switches to turn on and off reds uvs and whites depending on the stage ur in. Any kind of rspec light will get u thru start to finish. If u want a veg light I’ll have to find something a bit different or have 2 separate lights I just run rspec thru the grow without much issues what size tent r u powering up

I got a 240w Kingbrite with all the generic inclusions (mounting hardware, driver, cables) for 171.66 after all was said and done (light and shipping). I could buy an identical one right now for $20 less cuz they’re running some “super september” sale on shipping.

I like it a lot. I actually think it UV/IR light was too much for my plant (too close at 100%), caused it to start eating a lot and growing super close to itself. Like negative spacing between nodes almost.

I just purchased one from Alibaba…240w lm301h uv ir and meanwell driver with external dimmer and hardware… for$158… and I bought the hlg 300l rspec refurbished last week… I believe that it is 3500k
The one from Alibaba is 3000k… I have two plants SSH feminized that are 4 weeks old and 3 one week old seedlings also Super Silver Haze feminized…3x3x6 tent. I have the seedlings under the vivosun vs1000 for now… FF ocean soil and using Dynamyco myochorizae and One Shot from Nectar for the Gods… my 4 week olds have very little spacing between the nodes and are looking beautiful, but they are only 6 inches tall… when they were seedlings they stretched to 6 inches…so when I transplanted them I buried about 3 inches in soil

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