240V digital timer?

So running into a problem finding a timer that is 240v and works with a dimmable digital ballast. Anyone run a dimmable digital ballast @ 240v that can tell me what timer they use? A lot of 240v timers state right on it not to use with a digital ballast so any help will be great thanks! Running a phantom II

I run 120V but my suggestion would be. Look up the ballast on Amazon or another search and once you find it see if there are any recommended product associated with it. They should point you in the direction of a timer to use.

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Yeah the prob there is most ballast that are 240v are 120v as well and show timers for the 120v as its most common :frowning:


Underneath that is the cord adapter. Total price is less than $28 for both

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I bought this one a few days ago and on the back it states do not use with digital ballast =\

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Damn is no one running a timer @ 240V?

Yes, I’m running my ballast on 240v.
I wired a special 20 amp circuit into my grow room so I could run 240. I’m running 10 gauge wire, and it’s a dedicated circuit.

The reason I did this is, it said right on the ballast that it ran for 4.9 amps at 110 volts.
Then it also said that it ran 1.9 amps at 240 volts.

Drawing less amperage, means less out of the wallet.
I’m running a dimmable digital ballast from Digital Greenhouse.
It’s a 400watt HPS/MH system with an air-cooled Hood at six inch ducting.

Here is where I got my light system and timer from, it was $15, and it’s a mechanical timer. No battery backup or anything.
They have two 240v timers available, the battery backup one charges the batteries in it while it is plugged in… it’s $19.
Hope I don’t get in trouble for posting this link…

I would call “Grainger”. They have industrial parts to build automated systems. :slight_smile:

One thing about Grainger; I think you have to have a business ot federal tax id “EIN” in order to buy from them. Check it out. If you cannot find one through industrial channels, then I may be able to get you one. :slight_smile:

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There are two waiting right there at that link I just posted.