2023 Winter Rotation First FIM attempt

5gal FF Happy frog

P. Galore and Anaphylaxis

I started these outside and moved them into the tent. I clipped them about 5 days ago at the 5th node. I think they recovering nicely. We’re about 5 weeks from sprout.

I’m trying to be better at logging what I do so this is pretty much for me to keep track.

If I FIM’d the FIM can’t hurt too much right :rofl:


Decided to hit em again this morning. Gonna leave them alone from here.


Looking okay. The cropped leaves look kinda cool I think lol. Aphids are gone for sure…topped w some more soil and DE yesterday. Keeping 18/6 w lights and fans.

They’re settling in pretty good I think

And my sidekick is here as always


Pulled the light a couple of inches up today…gotta feeling it’s gon get a little cramped in here. Guess I should invest in a bigger tent🤔

Had to pass daily inspection too…

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Anaphylaxis showing today :female_sign:


See here I go slacking on posting already :joy:

Still doing okay…PGs not quite showing yet but goin strong. Gonna start adding nutes next week.

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Sheesh😶‍🌫️ gonna have to start taking some leaves sooner than I thought. Still got branches popping out so as long as no extra stress is showing I’ll let them be for now.

Gonna start veg nutes today see how they like it, if they don’t…I’ll keep regular water for another week(tap pH is 6.4-6.6 usually). I think I can push for Thanksgiving…if there’s still room I’ll try to veg longer.

Here goes nothing :joy:


Got another light yesterday n added it today… starting to look like a real grow tent in here :sunglasses:

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Well! That happened faster than I thought it would.

Veg after Thanksgiving OKAY :joy:

So took the giant leaves and gonna call it flip day.
Gonna keep veg nutes for now I think.

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Pussy Galores showing a little leg today. Still doing good holding 70F w the fans n lights on. They seem to like it so I love it.

All but one of the outdoors are curing/drying. One more to go. Also my buddy had too much n dropped off a box of bud. Trim time almost over😩

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11 days into the flip n they’re all showing pistils :call_me_hand:t6::call_me_hand:t6:

Still going GH Flora at half strength

Put the lights at 62% bout a week ago

Still holding around 70°F


grow is looking on point…stay the course


Thank you🙏 I’m finally getting confident w growing cannabis…I remember my first time I ended up with a mini charlie Brown tree from stress and reading the schedule wrong🤣

She still smoked tho! Lol

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So around 3 weeks flower now. Spent the weekend at deer camp(took a spike. Got one more to fill) so I gave them all a good drink of water before I left. We’re onto bloom nutes and calmag now.

They’re doing good using and dropping on their own now so I’m kinda letting them be until they tell me different.

Had a little wpm a couple weeks ago that’s it. So far so good😀

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Experimented a little bit. They are bigger eaters than I thought.

Put nutes at full strength since they seem to like it.

Switched the taller PG to the other side because of the light…not burning or anything just as a precaution.


Still doin okay. Thinking I got about 4-5 weeks to go so topped with DE fertilizer a few days ago. Getting a little bit of frost.


So a couple of days ago I went and did some major defoliating.

Also tilted the lights…my theory is it’ll reflect more off of the sides of the tent. I think it’s working out pretty good.

The short P Galore seems to be taking off faster than the others…still got a lot of white in her tho.


SO I’ve been kinda dragging my feet on upping my light game…some of the prices😂 I did buy a smaller HLG last year to see how I liked it.

Between HLG, AC Infinity and Spider Farmer…I decided on 2 SE3000’s. Gonna order them and see what happens…fingers crossed.


About a week or 2 away from chop… trichomes are getting there.

They solid n looking real frosty!

Oh yeah the new light is here too.


morning growmie…nice grow