2020 Grow - Big Bud, Amnesia Haze and Chocolope

Hi Guys,

Second year having some girls (missed 2019). Will try and put some information in here to track the progress.

Seeds germinated at home and then they will get planted remotely for some guerilla growing with very little touching/watering from myself.

Plan to do 2 Big Bud, 2 Amnesia Haze and 2 Chocolope.

Didn’t record everything so far, but basically here’s what I have.

BB-001 : 80mm, 2 nodes
BB-002 : 30mm, 2 nodes (she looks weird)
BB-003 : freshly germinated and in soil
AH-001 : 90mm, 2 nodes
AH-002 : freshly germinated and in soil
CH-001 : 60mm, 2 nodes
CH-002 : seed in paper towel

Soil in pots is a mix of pierlite, cococoir and potting mix.

BB-001 : 100mm, 4 nodes
BB-002 : 40mm, still weird (3/4 nodes)
BB-003 : dead, new germination attempt
AH-001 : 100mm, 3 nodes
AH-002 : 60mm, 2 nodes
CH-001 : 90mm, 3 nodes
CH-002 : DOA, new germination attempt with new seeds

30/11/20 (Photos below)
BB-001 : 160mm, 5 nodes
BB-002 : 100mm, 8 nodes
BB-003 : 40mm, first leaves
AH-001 : 180mm, 5 nodes
AH-002 : 90mm, 3 nodes
CH-001 : 200mm, 5 nodes
CH-002 : 40mm, 1 node

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Time for transplant into the ground
BB-001 : 270mm, 6 nodes
BB-002 : 240mm, 8 nodes
BB-003 : 90mm, 3 nodes
AH-001 : 320mm, 7 nodes
AH-002 : 220mm, 6 nodes
CH-001 : 260mm, 7 nodes
CH-002 : 90mm, 3 nodes

First check after leaving them for a month, so I was very nervous. I had set up no watering system had just strung up some barb-wire to keep critters from eating them
BB-001 : 550mm
BB-002 : 550mm, topped at 7th node
BB-003 : 500mm, topped at 6th node
AH-001 : 820mm
AH-002 : 70mm, topped at 8th node
CH-001 : 600mm
CH-002 : dead

Photos are in HEIC format. Will need to convert them.

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Following if you don’t mind :+1:t3::smiley:

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Thanks Guys,

This Journal will be about very low maintenance growing and what can be achieved. Fingers crossed.

So here is my latest update. Was with the girls yesterday and they are looking much healthier than last visit where they had all developed some yellow leaves. I trimmed all those leaves and fertilised with Tomato, Herb and Vegetable slow release fertiliser.

Here are the numbers from the last 2 visits
02/02/21 (no photos of this visit)
BB-001 : 560mm, some flower sites
BB-002 : 500mm, some flower sites, topping looks good
BB-003 : 580mm, no flower sites
AH-001 : 850mm, no flower sites
AH-002 : 640mm, no flower sites, topping looks good,
CH-001 : 680mm, some flower sites
LST started, yellow fan leaves removed and fertiliser added

16/02/21 (photos below)
BB-001 : 620mm, lots of flower sites, LST worked awesome
BB-002 : 5030mm, lots of flower sites, looks weak
BB-003 : 680mm, some flower sites, topping worked well, LST worked well
AH-001 : 960mm, some flower sites
AH-002 : 660mm, lots of flower sites
CH-001 : 730mm, lots of flower sites
Persisted with the LST, trimmed some fan leaves, might try a second toppping next week on some of the girls, let me know what you think.

BB-001 160221

BB-002 160221

BB-003 160221

AH-001 160221

AH-002 160221

CH-001 160221

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