2019-2021 Flowering comparison by date Maui bag seeds

OK, I had this idea to compare these two Maui plants grown 2 years apart for progress during the end days of our local season. Unfortunately I documented the 2018 season poorly and only began taking a photographic interest on the 25th September that year. So I’m going to start this with 25 Sept, and carry on from there. This is just for my own curiosity, The 2019 grow was hatched outside in Dixie cups and transplanted to dirt 06/01/2019. The 2021 grow was started indoors 03/01-ish/2021 don’t remember when I transplanted either to 2 gal. pot or finally to dirt. anyways, here some pictures for both grows, I’ll try and match up some that are similar to compare.

Maui #4 (Strongest and eldest of 3) 09/25/2019

M-1-21 Strongest, also running 2 cuttings from her but they are small.


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Maui #4 (large) and Maui #9 09/27/09…If I remember I had just discovered the “lollipopping(?)” concept and pruned the bottom of these plants.

M-1_2021 2021/09/25 Still can’t believe the size of this plant! 2019 had 1 cola at the 6’ mark, 2021 has multiple!


Maui #4 2019/09/30

M-1_21 2021/09/30


All look good to me!
Happy growing!


So I haven’t been keeping up with this project as I had hoped to as I ran into these things a couple of days ago, and have been considering my response…

So far I’ve been plucking them by hand, they’ve all been pretty small, I’ve probably squashed 25 of them over the past few days and I’m not coming up with obvious damage yet, but I do have some Monterey Bt held in reserve in case I start seeing that kind of number on a daily basis, actually I think I’m going to have to harvest very soon, I think we have a storm with freezing temps coming…I’d like to push it out a bit, but with the worms , and the weather, I’m kinda thinking cut my losses and get what I can…

…Anyway, here’s kind of an update on the comparison…

Maui#4 and #9 10/05/2019

Maui#4 10/06/2019

MW1 10042021

MW1 10062021

Okay, so here’s what’s going on now…

Used an old rain fly from a tent to come up with some protection from the elements. Makes it a little more difficult to hunt worms, but I believe I still have reasonable access to inspect all of the buds. I don’t believe that I will be taking them out of the shelter before Harvest. Got three days of right at freezing temperatures next week I’m hoping that if I add a little bit of heat to this roof that I have on there now, I’ll get them through that. Going to try anyway, I just think they need some more time.

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