20 beans arrive

20 beans arrived ed 15 days east coast USA. No credit card issues. Hopefully these AF BB sprout better than the AF AK’s, those were disappointing, most germinated; however sprouts were tiny and frail, been struggling with them.


Happy growing.
Mine should be arriving in the next few days.

Nice happy growing :slight_smile:
lucky you @Jmesser80 i cant get my orders to go through :confused:

Be sure to contact our support team if you need help ordering

@ILGM.Roy i have already been in touch with them, only to be told they will try again to process payment then to be told its been declined call bank and no payment was even attempted 3 times over on 2 orders

I see what you mean @B345T. Stacy will be in shortly and she will further look into your payment.