2 week old girls leaves are closing or preying

My girls are very healy other than new growth closing or some people may say preying.

If you upload a picture itll definitely give us the ability to help diagnose your plant. Also basic info like soil/medium, lights, watering/nutes practices. @37

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Pictures ? Dry ?

Sorry i will get the pics when there rest is over 8:30

Got it helps a lot to get a better idea

Girls where upgraded 3 days ago from solo to 1 gallon fabric pot. With great shark as an aid for adaptivity. They 2 weeks 2 days old. Gorilla glue strain. They are under spider farmer 4000 at 32 inches above. My dimmer was set at 55 i moved to 45 now im at 30. They are in fox farm soil have not given any nutrients. I water at 6.4 temps are always between 70 77 humidity always between 60 68. Is this ok.

They look great to me

Maybe im trying to hard or to worried. The leaves at the very top sometimes close almost completely shut even with dimmer at 30. I go any lower at its gonna be dark period :grin:

Is this normal the leaves where spread eagle 2 hours ago know almost completely shut.