2 Week Discoloration - Can't Identify

Here are my stats:

Indoor Grow - 5 Gallon Buckets (w/full Drainage).
Medium - Happy Frog Ph’d soil.

Strain - Grand Daddy Purple Auto ( 2 weeks old)

Lighting - Electric Sky
Humidity - 67 - 73%
Temp - 73°
Ph - 6-7

Cal Mag Plus - 1 Tsp
Fox Farm Grow Big - 1 Tsp
Water Ph’d to 6-7 after Nutes mixed (Per Gallon)
Soil Moisture Level (Measured Green)

I think I have all areas covered with a plan to increase nutrients over time and growth level.
I have all Three Fox Farm Growth Product Nutrients.

My problem is that I only have one plant showing some discoloration that I am not finding any examples of. My hope is that one of the Experts here can identify the issue which my gut is leaning toward a copper deficiency but again the pictures and symptoms don’t match the plant and stats.

I am attaching a few pictures.

Thanks for you Help.

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Just looks like a bit of leaf variegation. Nothing to worry about. It usually stops as the plant gets bigger.
Sometimes its quite pretty.


Second opinion that’s matches the first

Totally normal it will grow out of it