2 seeds, one pot

Dont worrry, this is not a remake of the infamous internet video!

I germinated (3) white widow seeds, put the tap roots in damp soil and had to go out of town for a week. When I came back all 3 pots were dried up and no signs if seedlings. I counted this as a loss and germinated 3 durban poisons. Rewatered and mixed up my soil then planted those seeds after a couple days in the paper towel -all three sprouted over the course of a week but a few days later… I have an extra sprout, assuming one of the WW is back from the grave.

Whats the best way/time to seperate them? I am afraid to disturb it now when its just sprouted but if I wait too long I am also scared the roots will become entangled and I dont know how stressful it would be to cute them apart?

Anyone successfully seperated 2 plants from the same pot?


I do this all the time when I am testing seed viability on seed runs. I will put one seed in the four corners of a small pot. I usually just pop them out of the pot and cut it into fourths.

In a bigger pot like that you are just going to have to use your hand and fingers like an excavator. Dig down around and get as much of the tap root of the one you are moving. Or use a butter knife to carefully excavate it.

I would pick the bigger one to move if I were you.


:joy: I definitely had the thought.

My thought. Move it early before it makes much of a home, or you’ll be better off getting a knife/spade and digging a large circle out around it.


Take a fork and poke a circle around the one you want to remove then dig down as far as you can and pop it out. If you get close to a root, the fork is more forgiving and will hopefully slide between the tines. They are tough little buggers… ask me how I know hahaha


Yeah all the above.
At this stage if you don’t damage the Tap Root it’s unlikely you’ll even stunt it for a day. The unexpected one is likely the strongest. May end up a plant you simply can’t do in no matter how hard you try.lol
currently have a Girl Scout cookie. She developed a root fungus. And lost almost all her leaves. This happened right at the beginning of stretch. I pulled her cut off 1/3 of her roots and flushed them good before replanting a new Happy Frog. didn’t think she’d live. Here she is a potent little Jewel.