2 Q's Worm Castings and humidity?

How much worm castings should I add to 3 gal cloth pots when I transplant?

My humidity is only 16% with buckets of water in a 2’ X 4’ X 6’ grow tent.
I am looking to purchase a small humidifier on Amazon but I am not sure of the size I should get.
I don’t want to have too much humidity. Is 44% about the norm for seedlings and veg state?
Once again, thank you all for the great advice!
Jolly Roger

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I am not sure @JollyRoger about the % humidity, but i think you want higher for seedlings, little less for veg time, and lowest for flower right at end of flower. that makes the plant try to protect the buds from dryness when getting ready to pick. i’m sure you will get some help on here that actually knows what they are doing. i’m a rookie.

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@monkman is right on. You might want a little more humidity for veg, but that’s good for flowering.


You definitely want it higher for seedlings. Are you putting a dome over top of them? That will help so you don’t have to raise the RH of the whole grow space.
I am including a chart of optimum RH dependent upon your temperature as well. It’s a little intense but I thought I would add it. During flower you can let it drop that low but focus on 55-65%
I live in a very dry area and learnt early on that in the seedling stage your RH needs to always be above 55%.