2 part question lighting/water?

First question has to do with my lighting. Im setting up 3 tents in total. I had 2 mars hydro tsw2000 lights in a 4x8 area. Im sure way under powered to flower like that. So i have 2 hlg scorpion rspecs in route to replace them, the far red versions. One im worried about burning the plants with the rspecs. Can anyone suggest a hanging height to start with with those lights? Also do you think the 2 tsw2000 lights together would be sufficient to flower my other 4x4? Secondly on watering, its been really humid in our area so im pulling alot of water out of the air which ive been watering the plants with. My well water sucks at the moment so i figured it is better water than my really hard well water but the ppm on it is 20. Should i be adding anything to it besides calmag? Im about to put a 3 stage filter on the well and planned on putting it after the softner. Should the water going on the plants be going through a salt based softner or should i get my water after going through the 3 stage but not the softner? Sorry for the conplexity of the post but some experienced opinions would be great! Thanks in advance!!!


This is not enough to flower a 4 X 4. Using HLG lights you could get away with 25 to 35 watts per square foot (400 to 600 watts approximately) but lower quality diodes are closer to 50 watts per. The footprint of your light will also affect coverage in your tent.

If you are in flower with these (which is what they’re for) you can run lights pretty close to the plants and simply turn down the power. This has the added benefit of getting better canopy penetration being less than 12" above tops. But again you have to look at overall light distribution.

Your captured water is fine with some cal mag only. Running conditioned well water is going to depend on what the TDS of the water is after conditioning. Salt softeners do not add any salt to the water but rather exchange ions with solids present in the water; precipitating them out.

You may need to invest in R/O but that only you will be able to decide.