2 out of 6 late bloomers

Growing 6 feminized GSC Extreme indoors. Four out of the six began flowering about four weeks ago; two show no sign of white hairs. I will try switching to 48 hours of dark to get two late bloomers to start, but am concerned that it will mess up the other four. Advice?


Wont hurt a thing. If late bloomers just wait them out. If too long drop light to 12/12. Auto misfire. The rest will be fine 12/12 if givem plenty light. See if they flower first. Sometimes couple weeks to a month. Just my thoughts.

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Also if have the light power can just go to a 12/12 no dark period and run the batch there. Hit your dli and be just fine. I run auto with photo continually. When photo flipped I give my auto more juice and cruise on. Always have solid yields.