2 lights or one? Already 2 weeks into the Veg stage

Hi everyone I need some help here. So i am 2 weeks into the vegetation stage and i am using 1 of these lights. My plants are growing well and looking healthy but would adding another one of these same lights help? or could it kill the plants? thanks!

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Forgot to mention but i am also growing 2 plants.

2weeks into grow adding an extra light should be fine cant really see the pic to see wattage or lumens but guessing it shouldn’t be too high on them strips might want to post that info though so people could make a more informed opinion

Those lights are more suited for bud or flower stage as it reads on box… for veg the plants want more of a blue / natural sunlight type spectrum… u should add in some cfl bulbs at 5000 kelvin , 4-8 should be good.

Thanks for the info, would using one of these red lights like I am already using and one of this same light in blue work?

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Yeah they should work good. U would want at least two of the CFL bulbs per plant…They are really cheap. I believe they do about 23 watts a piece so 2 each plant plus the 2 leds would probably even it out.

Thanks so much. The problem for me is that I am growing in a place where I cannot screw a light bulb in so I don’t know I would use thE CFL bulbs. Do you have any idea? Thanks!

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They sell portable bulb sockets with clips

Get some 8 or 10 inch dome fixture from lowes, they are like 10 bucks a piece… If u have access to a power outlet your all set. Just screw in the cfl and then plug it in. They have a clip on them so easily placed where needed. Hope this helps

Thanks so much! I do have a power outlet so I’m good. This helped a lot!

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Let me know if u need anything else


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With that sort of wattage… yes you need 10 more if you can afford them! If advise going for a 60 bucks mars hydro 300, it will do 20 times what the light strip does :slight_smile:

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