2-1/2 day power outage

These are ILGM Bubblegum Auto plants. They are 7 weeks old. The media is Coco Loco using FF nutes. The last feeding they got was last Sunday. It’s Wednesday night now. I fed 1.8 liters with 3ml Cal-Mag, 10ml Big Bloom, 7ml Grow Big, 7ml Tiger Bloom and 1.25 ml Radix (rooting additive). These plants were already looking a little lime green. I had planned on upping the nutes closer to full strength as I think they will tolerate more.

Now that I’ve given the background and pertinent details, here’s the issue My power was off for around 60 hours due to storms. I opened the tent at mid-day because I couldn’t stand the curiosity any longer. The temp was 78 and the RH was 92%. The plants were covered with and extremely heavy dew. I knocked lots of the dew off by repeatedly dropping the plants an inch or so. It sounded like it was raining and my forearms got soaked. When my power was restored around 5 PM I made sure the plants stayed in darkness for 6 hours with my fans and vent fan running at full speed.

Here are the pictures. I’m looking for critiques and advice. I’m a new grower who is learning. I’ve had 2 less than optimum crops. This is my 3rd. I’m honestly surprised at how well they look. I was expecting total disaster but I’m enough of a rookie to be unaware of danger signs. Help an aspiring growmie out. Thank you.


May have slowed them down a little, but they look healthy. :+1::metal:


You’re lucky they were autos and not photos those hardy ruderalis genes probably saved your harvest though you may wanna check for stress herming in a few days just in case


Look good to me