1st timer. Need advice

1st time grower. Noticed what looks like burned leaf tips (purple kush, soil pH 5.6) and seems like the leaves are growing small compared to the other plants (2 purple haze and 1 granddaddy purp). There are 4 plants total, growing in 2x2x4 tent, 3 led lights, 2 600watts and 1 800watts. Light for 18 hours. Feeding with nutes according to chart provided. Growing all in fox farms ocean forest. Planted 05/10/2020

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I tend to go at least 4 weeks before feeding with FF Ocean Forest. See what others think but I’d probably go a week with just PH’d water and see what’s happening at that point.

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Hello, not sure if I am posting this in the right spot but hoping for some help. First timer here and a few leaves on a couple of my plants has developed this below pictured yellow marking. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas, thanks in advance.