1st time using the XL AutoPot need guidance

Works for my taste, I would chop that beauty down :fire::fire::love_you_gesture:


Yep, chop chop unless you already have!

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Another giving hope and proof when I switch to autopots nice growing :+1:

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@OGIncognito @Pinboy is there a secret to maintaining humidity and temperature for a 3x3 grow tent? Help! My range is all over the place.

I have a westinghouse Humidifier

Supposedly it can be set to a desired humidity precent and will auto off and on to maintain.
( it’s saying im around 60% but i have 3 separate monitors saying 45-50% but mostly on the lower side.

Two fans, one positioned towards the top of the tent and one below the suspended bud facings opposing wall.

A dehumidifier. (not on)

The exhaust fan is turn down to a very low setting.
(Should i turn it completely off?)

Today the temp flex between 65 and 71 degrees. (Its cool outside)

I have a DIY AC. I haven’t turned it on because its not hot enough in my opinion.

No lights on.

Im still within 24hr of chopping, wet trimming, and handing her in the tent.

My last grow (1st time) dried wayyyyy too fast and im trying not to repeat that mistake but at the same time not wanting to over correct to the point of bud rot

Help grower out! Im stomped!

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It can be a pain in the ass at times but the best way is to control the room the tent is in(lung room) as close to your target as possible. It got easier for me once I started venting outside

That’s what i did and i got a bit easier. Not exact but close and generally consistent

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