1st time grow please help asap please

I usually offset calmag and armor si from the rest of the nutes a good bit. Just a habit now, but I remember reading on the GHE feeding chart that those two shouldnt add at the same time as the others.

ph fluctuation that is way to big. Shoot for 5.8 ph. With fluctuation from 5.6 to 5.9 is best.

Do not feed more lol

If anything your ppm is to high.
At that stage ppm should be closer to 350

But first and foremost is getting the ph stable

Do you have a pump circulating water ?

What size air pump for how many pails ?

@BetrayedSoul yes bro i do have a water pump
Air pump is 80litres per min air pump supplying 12 buckets of capacity 30litres each
How should i manage my ph please tellme a way to do it … it is currently stable at 6.0

Not enough air to air stones will cause root issues and bad ph fluctuation.
I have at most 4 pails on 1157gph air pump.

Less air makes a less stable root zone that causes ph issues and root rot.
Also water temp is important to keep under 70f

You can lower ph in system with some ph down. Using small amounts and letting it circulate to mix good and then checking.
Once system is at desired ph it should stay stable and not fluctuate much if your system is set up good.
Once system is going great you can ph all nutrient water before you add it to system from their on.

Dont know if I am making sense lol ask away as you need.

And best tip of all is to make all system changes or adjustments at separate times so you can learn your system and what changes what. So I wouldnt go changing feed schedule light height water temp and amount of air to buckets same time. Do things slowly with a few days inbetween to learn what is causing what.

If you dont have a water chiller I would use hydroguard to help with rootzone.

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Yeah, that was the reason I first questioned height of solution in containers. I was wondering if the root zone was getting enough air. Also, the op should keep the air flowing even at lights out!

@BetrayedSoul i have added air pump running 200 litres per min in 10 buckets …but can you see how green the upper parts of the plant are and the lower parts show signs of yellowing … cant this be a case of deficiency ?

@Cannabian yes sir air pump running 24/7 also i have added more air pump to the system … running 200 litres per min in 10 buckets each of 30 l … also the distance between net pots and water is about 2 inches i hope thats enough ?

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2 inches is not much, how large are the containers and how much root is in them?

2 inches below bottom of net pot is perfect

When I put mine in I enter at 5.8-5.9 and it exits at 7.0 do you know what could possibly be the problem bud? I don’t mean to ask and be random but I thought maybe I’d ask someone a little more experienced than me

@Blue89 sounds like your in soil. 5.8 is for hydro. And if your hydro I haven’t a clue what you mean by exits at 7.0

The runoff is that high but right now I am washing them out cuz this soil is crap in my opinion

@Blue89 i dont do soil so I wouldnt know.

Gotcha thanks for trying thi👍

Quick question do you know of any reason I can’t keep my room cool? I have a carbon filter venting outside, I have an ac that is plenty big enough to cool the room in no time, I have 2 630w cmh and 1 315w cmh. Is that to much light in the room? The room size is 13.5 by 7.5 by 8. I have 2 corner wall mount fans that point down on the plants also and it’s in my garage I just can’t keep it cool and I don’t want to keep the door open and let all the bugs in, I just washed them out last night cuz the ph was jacked up and now the heat is getting to them. I have way to much money invested in this first indoor grow and I just don’t want them to die and waste the money. Sorry for the long message but I am dumb founded about this and I am a carpenter and can’t figure it out

What size fan is your carbon filter hooked up to? I have a 6 inch inline fan servicing a small room that is 7 feet long 7 feet high and 4 feet deep. 6 inch is about perfect for that room running LED lighting! In the summer I dont run the grow room. If I had HID lighting that same 6 inch would be at capacity for that little space.

6 inch

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So should I just give up and wait until fall then? Serious question

You dont have enough fan for the space! You need a hood that is sealed for those lights. The air should be sucked into the hood and out the room. You also need to exchange air completely in that room in a specified time period. I used to have the formula for the cfm required per cubic foot. I dont have the exact figures perhaps another can chime in?

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That’s fine with me. I just need to figure out what else I have to do cuz I have already spent over $4000 on this crap and I don’t want it to just go to waste :unamused: also I think the 6 inch fan I have is like 465 cfm