1st time grow critical purple

Thanks for letting me ask question, 1st grow, critical purple autoflower, 32×32×63 tent,4" inline fan and filter, 600w phlizon led light unfortunately made in China, fox farm happy frog 50/50 pearlite, temps 75- 85 humidity 50-55 %, light distance 18 ", day 25 being above ground, just curious as why they seem not look like other pics of same age, they look healthy to me but starting to get concerned. Thanx again

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Because auto flowers have a mind of their own you can grow two of the same one next to each other one will be 3 foot tall one will be 18 inches tall one you can get 5 ounces off of another one you’re lucky to get a ounce

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You can train to increase your yield search LST- low stress training you can turn it into a bush in no time
Critical Purple was in my first grow as well :blush:


Thanx hogmaster

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Thanx Carol4486

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Here’s one of mine trained 48 days old


Nice, thanx for sharing, not wanting to bug you, do you thank these look ok or healthy, being my first time not really looking for big yield just looking to get it to finish and a little product, thanx again and beautiful plant

Can’t be too specific with the lighting but she looks pretty good from what I see. If your going to train you need to get started the clock is ticking she could flower any time

bend them over(lst)