1st indoor ww auto grow

Hello everyone…im new to the community and have my own grow going currently…would like any feedback that you would like to offer! Ty all in advance!!!

The following pics are of the first 6 weeks for these ww autos…enjoy hopefully lol

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Welcome to the community. Your grow is very nice indeed. People here are always willing help in anyway they can. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:

Thank you much appreciated

Looking good!

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome! Looking real nice.

One thing though, I noticed in your first pic that the leaves are wet. Try to avoid getting water or nutes on the leaves. The droplets can act like a magnifying glass under the light and cause the leaf to burn.

I did notice that in the beginning and discontinued misting shortly after…thank you for the advice🙂

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51 days old today…wat do yas think?