1st grow: Help! Do I feed my (just planted) WW auto seedlings in Perlite?

Hi all, 1st grow & excited, but need any suggestions on feeding schedule for my auto seedlings
I just planted 3 WW auto seedlings in my new indoor grow tent

  • small grow tent, 300W light, etc.
  • 1000% Perlite in 3 gallon fabric pots
    I have the Bergmans Plant Protector & Fertilizer Complete Set - 5+ plants BUT don’t see any feeding schedule for the situation above (auto seedlings not in soil) & appreciate any suggestions.
    DO I FEED SEEDLINGS right away/ with what nutriients & how long till I switch to next stage?
    Thanks so much!

Yes you need to feed them constantly. If your running nothing but perlite do you have a continuous drip system set up?



@DH-6 hi I’m right along with you I’m first time grower to we used hang out more

I got the fox farm chart I’m using to feed my plant what chart I got we’re you get it at?

Hi Thanks
No, just watering - Should I mix in the seedling fertilizer now & just follow the autoflower guidelines? Again, thinking that’ s based on soil.

Any tips on the plant protector appreciated too, but for now just want to get the initial grow going right.

Sounds good Begginer39 - Appreciate sharing tips will spend some time on this blog to educated myself

If your in nothing but perlite then your roots are going to dry out without a constant drip feed. Yes, it says for soil but the only difference is the ph at what your using. For soil, the nutrients would be ph’d to 6.5…for you, your gonna want your ph more around 5.8 to 6.0

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Thanks again, CORRECTION: I mistakenly said seedlings when I meant just WW auto seeds.