1st Grow, Amnesia Haze, 1Plant BIG yield

Amnesia Haze from seed, tupar Coco medium, 3 gallon fabric pots, Mars Hydro tsl2000, Fox farm trio nutes & cali magic. Nebula Haze’s manifold topping. Just finished trim, curing in Grove bags. Just shy of 8 ounces! Majority of it top quality buds as well since I kept her lollipoped.


Yeah I’m a fan. GDP fem

Coco, autopot and Jack’s

Nice harvest.


That is one method i haven’t done. probably won’t try it.

It requires 6 weeks veg because of the 2 toppings but this my 1st grow and I did basic nothing fancy nutes and I was blown away by the yield & early sampling potency. I don’t think I’d try anything else going forward :slight_smile:

Thanks! You’ve got your training down better then me. That’ll be a point of improvement I work on next grow. GG#4 next :slight_smile:

Happy Harvest :blush:

Your mainline looks good.

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Bent wire staples makes locating and holding the stems in place very easy.


Thanks for the paper clip idea. Easier than tying knots with arthritic fingers.
Started training the children.

Pipe cleaners with-out paper clips employed

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Whats your watering routine? I did twice a day feed water every time, through veg and most flower. It wasn’t bad but I’m wondering if once a day will give similar/same results. Maybe upsize to 5 gallon if once a day? Gonna grow 4-5 plants next run, I’d rather not get in tent twice a day every day if I don’t have to.

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My watering routine is every 3 days, empty tent, clean tent. water lighter than acceptable planters.
I am a consummate over-waterer. So, daily I look at topsoil. Seedlings on seedling mat dry daily. Young Clones may/may not get some water. My 1-ounce kitchen baking baster limits the quantity and assist targeting. Forum posting advice supports water away from root, making them grow and stretch.
7days picture available 3-inch clone