1st ever plant any feedback?

Here is my 1st plant. I’m just watering and light fertilizer. Keeping 35 watt t5 light on it 24hr. Just letting it do its thing till I get it outside. Would like to hear any feedback info on if I need to do anything different with it…



Looks nice and healthy so far. Keep it up :+1:

Welcome…Plant looks healthy…What variety?

Looks great

Thanks guys… I’m not sure what strain it is. A friend gave me the seed. I know he got the seeds from here.


I’d give it 18/6 or 16/8 light. Plant needs rest. Could you work 24/7?


Thanks hornhead. I will go go with the 18/6. Should the 6 be total darkness?


Suggest you transplant into at least 3 gallon pot…5 would be better.

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Thanks tanlover… Can I just keep it in 5 gal bucket for the rest of the time? I’m eventually going to put it outside. If our weather here ever decides to warm up

You could keep in 5 gl …make sure there are drain holes 2-3 inch from bottom. Can also dig hole put bucket in it…that depends on your soil and what your situation is… The reason you may want to put bucket in ground is that bucket may get hot and cook the soil/roots…this will maintain better temp


Welcome to the forum! Plant looks great! It looks like some moisture has beaded up on leaves, I would try to avoid that while lights are on.

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Nice plants

A 5 gallon bucket will work for all except the tallest strains. 5 drain holes on the sides will be a good thing. Don’t be surprised if roots start filling up the drain holes. A sign of good health.
Just cut them out so the drainage is maintained.

Best to know what strain you are putting time and effort into. It’s pretty frustrating to grow plants for 2 months and find out there are a lot of males in the mix.
Fem’d seeds are more productive.