1st Ever Grow: Outdoors, Autoflower

Hey Guys,
Been reading a lot on this forum as I fumble my way through my first ever grow. Finally signed up to see what you guys think and get some more direct advice. I haven’t been noting dates with great accuracy sorry.

1: Bought the ILGM three seed autoflower pack: BlueBerry, Amnesia Haze & Northern Lights. More interested to try the high Sativa Amnesia Haze.
2: Went with germination in water technique. NL & BB sprouted within 2 days. The AH would not germinate. Tried a second seed in water, still nothing. Third seed just put into the third pot of soil I had waiting and it germinated within a day or two. So the AH is 3-4weeks behind I think.
3: The NL really took off in the soil. The BB seemed to get a little burnt in my greenhouse (Australian summer temps) in the early stages which held it back a llittle, but it has seemed to recover now and is catching up to the NL.
4: The AH has always seemed to be much lighter in colour than the other two. New growth is very fluorescent green compared to the other girls.
5: Not exactly sure when the flowering started on the NL but the BB wasn’t that far behind.
6: I’m checking them multiple times a day so its hard to tell but I feel like the flowers are maybe not densifying or growing as much as they could. If I can attach some photos they will be from what I think is week 8-9.
7: I understand the lower leaves will start to yellow as the plant feeds of them, but it seems to be increasingly so on the NL.
8: The soil is a mix of local red-dirt, with organic soil and some manure based nutrients mixed through the original potting mix. Perlite is also in there for drainage.
9: The tap water was causing the ph levels to drop below 6, so I’ve been adding some lime to the water and it seems to be between 6-7 more often than not with my ghetto ph tester.
10: During the early stages I was also adding Seasol to the water occasionally. Now it’s flowering I’ve stopped the seasol and added liquid potash as per the manufacturers instructions.

Hang in there and I’ll post some pictures and get some thoughts from you more experienced growers out there… The photos seemed to upload in reverse order so the first three are from this afternoon and I’m trying to show the yellowing lower leaves on the NL. The sun was still shining so ignore the sunlight making the leaves look spotty. The girls are also surrounded by some other herbs and the like. I put some marigold flowers in around as I heard they deter white flies too, and my tomato plant had a few white flies buzzing around.

A big question is, do I wait another 3-4 weeks for the NL as the lower leaves yellow? The buds don’t look fully developed enough.


Couple of flash photos tonight to show yellowing on the NL leaves more clearly.

@A-Rex. I’m not sure what you are asking. If you are asking if ready to harvest, my first response would be no, based on what I am seeing. Look at this:
You will need a jewelers loupe or a usb microscope. Also go to this post. It may help. That is where this came from.

Charts, graphs, and pictures

Members Lounge Pictures


A couple of leaves at bottom of plants are normal. No worries


As what @HornHead already stated, the yellowing of the bottom most layers of leaves is fine and normal at this stage of growth. No worries there. And agreeing with @repins12 your girls definitely have a few more weeks to go as it looks in the pics that the pistil hairs are still white, you want to wait for those to brown/redden to get an idea of maturity. Maybe 3-5 more weeks. And definitely get yourself a jewelers loupe to accurately check the terp development before harvest to get your ideal high.

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Happy Cake day @HereticNick

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Thank you (:

The budding branches seem unaffected but the leaves are now yellowing furthe up the plant as the lower ones really shrivel up.

Should I be adding something to feed the flowering at this stage other than small amounts of liquid potash (every two weeks according to the bottle)?

Yellowing creeping higher still. Some of the stand-alone leave on the flowering stems are now going too. Any concerns?

Looking a little hungry

Hungry for what @HornHead ? Nitrogen? A couple of days before I had splashed some water with Potash diluted through it.

If you follow the graph with what is happening to your plant it looks like nitrogen. I am far from an expert on trouble shooting deficiencies but this is how I arrived at the diagnosis. Your older leaves bowed the deficiency first and now it is moving up the plant. By reading the graph it appears to be a mobile nutrient and it directs us to nitrogen. How far into flowering are you? Are you feeding anything else than potash?


I think I’m 8-9weeks from when I planted the seedling after sprouting.
I have been hesitant to use too much fertiliser as I didn’t want to flavour the buds. There was some fertiliser pellets, manure, mixed in the initial soil, and I occasionally diluted seasol with water. I’ve also been mixing lime in as the water here was lowering the ph too much.
I’ve just diluted some of this now…

The two that are flowering are smelling fantastic, NL and BB. :crazy_face: