142 Days and still not ready

Why is this plant this old and still not ready? The colas seem sparse to me as well. Is there anything that’s going to make a difference this late in the game for her?

The strain, and other details about their environment would be of a lot of help. Like the things listed in the support tickets.

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You have mite damaged, my friend.

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I started to do just that but I wasn’t sure if they were still being used.

This particular plants seed came out of a bag of mid kush.

Grown outdoors in soil using small amount of nutrients and discontinued about 3 weeks ago since I wasn’t sure of her maturity timeline.

East coast and it’s hotter than balls right now. Temps topped 100 for several days but I kept them in the shade and cooled as much as possible.

She suffered quite a bit of stress from fimming in her early growth just from my own doing but she bounced back and haven’t had any issue since. Since it was a bag seed I wasn’t too concerned but once she was topped a bit, lollipoped and bent she took off in growth and got my attention lol

Those damn mites… I did have a case of them but I got rid of them and haven’t seen them lately and I’ve turned over every leaf constantly looking