14 hours of darkness

My plants started off on a 24-hour cycle. When a month passed, I switched the cycle to 10 hours of light, 14 of darkness. The buds came out small. How do I increase their size?

I want to laugh; I want to cry; I don’t know where to start.

No plant should ever be on a 24/0 light cycle

10/14 is generally used only at the end of a flower period lowering to 10/14 from 12/12 in order to finish a plant faster. This is especially useful for Sativas that finish weeks after an Indica plant would.

Plants ingest the exact same minerals as Humans. Like Humans; Plants need to rest. If they get no rest, they cannot be productive. Lesson learned.

I never use more than 16/8. Shorter phot periods produce more “Fem’s”*

  • I learned this from “Henk” @ Dutch Passion. This quote is also included in J. Cervantes Book The Indoor grow bible; Located in a special page about producing more females from Feminized seeds. In fact; I believe it was recommended to use a 14/10 photoperiod at the start.

Sorry Robert; Don’t men to take away from your book, Bro. Peace.lw