12/12 Grow humidity levels

Looking for some input on a 12/12 grow in my tent. I seen a lot of info for the normal grow stage humidity lvls. Just wondering if I can mantain just one lvl on humidity say 40 through the whole 12/12 process. Thanks

Depends on if you can keep your temps right to stay within you vpd

I will be able to control the temp and humidity as needed seeing how I’m using a dialed in lung room :+1:

Then i would say you should be in good shape :+1:

Yup 40 for flower isbt so bad. Ud rather be too dry then too humid n fight mold. :+1:t5:

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Thanks bud :+1:

Also depends on the strain. Some strains are more resilient and can handle different temps and RH better without stressing

I’m planning on growing a few different strains in the same tent, plus planning on having different stages in same tent too, to many variables?

I grow in my basement and in the winter it is very dry down there. My RH levels are 30-40% and my trichome development is crazy good under those conditions. Here is a picture of the trichomes on one of those grows.


The trichome coverage is great and the stems as you can see get very long.

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That’s good to know, looking forward to having my plants having some input on my humidity lvls

unless you are growing all autos then YES, different stages wont work… you want photos to veg in 18/6 light minimal and 12/12 during flower… cant be combining different grow stages unless its a photo which you can run them 24/7 all the way through and it wont really hurt them

Doing 12/12 from seed

45 to 50 till half way thru flower rest of way definitely solid 40 so makes for tighter nugs :+1::deciduous_tree:

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Thanks for info :+1::+1:

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