12/12 cloning experiment anyone done it?

Im asking this because i cleaned up the bottoms of my plants and put a bunch of potential clones in a jar of water during the cleanup. I didnt end up using them and just left them in the flower room 5 weeks later and they have grown small flowers and started rooting. Im thinking of trying it out properly with a 30 site water jet cloner clonex for 1 week then some flowering nutes all done on a 12/12 schedule

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Lol cool!!!

I have made clones off of normal pruning before, they don’t have to come from the top like everyone says, that’s just the better spot to choose from.

I would say do half/half if you have the time, veg half of them out and get them bigger (monster clones) and do the other half like you said, but either way it’s still cool :+1: