10weeks on both a black widow fem and Lsd auto

Man Brother Cajun that weed looks like the shizznet…Great Job…how much longer you think ? I cut a few big colas , but I am trying to wait…they just refuse to go amber for me and some are so thick its really nerve racking…the humidity has been crazy here and to high in the grow…running 5 fans and a dehum…to try and avoid a problem…need it to stop raining…oh well we’ll deal with it the best we can…so far so good…happy Growing

Well Lucy was a good lady she brought nice buds. Have get a better picture.

Can’t wait to try purple moon rock. Bet yours are kicking ass. Happy growing buddy.

Hey @RightAway hope ya doing good. Question on FatBastard, so here’s pic of mine looks like about to flower doesn’t it.

Shouldn’t these pods pop open lol may be hi a lot lol. Trichomes looking milky. Lol

Hey @PhatPat, any idea on the pods do ya think it fertilized so how, haven’t had these pods before.

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Kind of looks like it did. Only way to know is to split a couple open. Id cut one off and take it to another location to open them. Might have hermied on you. I hope not for ya.