1000 watt air cooled hoods btu output for sizing ac

i know 1 1000w hps puts out around 3500 btu but what about a 1000w hps in an air cooled hood? i’ve been told to still factor in @ 3000 btu per light but there’s no way! if i put my arm across the top of the hood 11 hours after they came on…the hood is nice and cool. there’s no way there is only 500 btu coming from the radiant heat of a fixture without any cooling… so how many btu’s does a 1000 watt hps in an air cooled hood put off…on average…??

I’m sorry I don’t have an answer to your question. I’m just guessing it would vary a lot on fan that’s cooling hood and ductwork.

yeah. but if after running for 10 hours or so and the top

yeah. but if after running for 10 hours or so and the top and the sides of the hood are cool… its pretty much taking most of the heat away from the light. there’s probably not a specific answer that would be exact. the second light will be getting all of the heated air from the first light so it may be warmer… it may be cheaper to run 4 fans, one per light and not have the ac running as much (sealed room).thought there may be a way to get an estimate on btu’s off of the temp of the hoods or something…for calculating ac size… i went ahead and got a 12,000btu ac. i bet it cools just fine with the lights having their own hot air exhaust.

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Ya, I’m sure that’s plenty.