10 week development

Started September 9th.
Worried they’re developing slow what do you guys think?
If not roughly how many weeks you think is left in flower? Seeing more and more amber.


How long has she been in flower?

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

Since October 16th roughly 5 weeks

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They look pretty good but are really just getting started. Probably 4 or more weeks to go. They should stack and fatten up those buds.
The “amber” you see is just the pistils/hairs. They should all turn dark. It is the trichomes that you watch for to turn cloudy/amber.
Like these little dudes through 30x magnifier.

See how they range from crystal clear through cloudy and finally would turn amber if left to grow.
This plant.


Make a banana and cucumber skin tea for ur plants its high in potassium and phosphorus which is good for flowering stage


Just banana and cucumber peels and I just boil them like a brew tea

What kind of magnifier you use is there a good app on android?
Plus think I can get em to fatten up like that in the next month them are beautiful

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Yah just banana and cucumber skins put them in a 10 or 20ltr bucket fill with water and use a fish tank air pump to bubble the water for 24 hours

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Bet thank you
I appreciate all the assist

For that picture I just clipped my hand held jeweler’s loupe to the phone case.

Quite possible, this plant is/was a runt. The first 3 weeks above ground it barely grew at all.

This is 5 weeks ago. On the left is her sister, sprouted same day. She’s the one in the center and is 8 weeks old in this picture.
This is same plant I posted above with close up.


I got bananas and rain water is that enough?
Then just bubble it for 24 and feed to my roots

That will be fine bubble it for 24 hours

Much appreciated

Welcome to the community. Autos or photos? Zooming in on the pics I noticed rusty brown spots, typical of calcium and typically magnesium deficiency. Unless that’s water or nutrient splash from top feeding?? During this stage of flower supplementing calcium is needed more. A calcium deficiency can be accompanied by a magnesium deficiency as well. Potassium and phosphorus with less nitrogen after about week 3 of flower. What medium and nutrients are you using? They do look sweet and nice white button buds everywhere, nice Growing :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks man and glad to be in community.

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Then you have 3-5 weeks left depending on your preferred outcome. About 3 weeks for max potency and longer for higher CBD and couch lock.

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I got cal-mag plus couldn’t I just use more of that.

Yah if ur got cal/mag use that

Can you show me the jewelers loupe you ordered
I don’t want to buy no b.s.
Had enough rookie expenses and mistakes already

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Thanks bro.
No top feed.
First grow f.f. big 3 and cal mag + recharge or mammoth p.

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