10 week big problem

4 days ago started 12/12 cycle. 1 indica, 1 stativa. Indica fine, so I am rulling out critters. Been useing foxfarm soil and nutes. No problem up to now.
3x3 tent. 1000 led, 75 and rh 49. Ten weeks old. Watering every three days, ph 6 in and out. Just transplanted to new 5 gallon and fox farm potting soil, hopefully to get it back. The bottom of old soil was wet and swampy. Apparently I used a mix of soils. Root root? Roots looked appropriate for age of plant. Please get back with a thought or two. Thanks in advance.

Can you post some pics when you get a chance?

Sorry. Here ispic

Drainage is critical

Photo reminder

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Sorry, thought picture came thru. Plant is dead, tried repotting with Fox Farm. No luck. Other plant showing signs of to much Nitrogen and root rot. After 10 weeks LST and Fimm successfully, it is a bummer

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Sorry. Better luck nexttime

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fertilized media…like Fox Farm is well known for burning plants.
of course, drainage is critical.

  1. I think drainage was the culprit here. Fox Farm, I swear by it. In Fl., no place for organic gardening. Condo stealth grow. Other plant, same everything, ok. Too bad as the one who died had over 20 pre flowers/ flowers on screen. Next time! R. D.